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How it works?

How it works

Threads downloader application is an independent site that operates separately from Meta and Threads. All you need is the link to the desired videos and images from Threads in order to download them. The purpose of Threads downloader is to enable the download of high-quality videos and images. This downloader is reliable and swift, ensuring a safe and efficient downloading process. It simplifies the task of downloading images and videos, requiring no additional setup. Once downloaded, you can enjoy your pictures and videos offline. Despite being a new platform, Threads has gathered a considerable amount of user base. However, it lacks a built-in feature for downloading images and videos. To address this issue, Threads downloader was developed as a solution. This platform provides comprehensive information on how to download pictures and videos from Threads.

What is Threads Image downloader?

What is Threads Image downloader?

Within Threads, users often resort to taking screenshots in order to save images. However, this method typically results in a reduction in picture quality. To counteract this issue, Threads downloader has been specifically developed to enable the download of high-quality images without any loss. Simply having the link to the desired image from Threads is sufficient to save it to your device. The introduction of Threads downloader has effectively resolved this problem, and the process has been remarkably simplified. With this downloader, you can freely download as many images as you wish, without any watermarks and without encountering any limits. Additionally, there are no restrictions on the file size of the images you intend to download. Threads downloader employs a special algorithm that ensures the retrieval of the highest quality images available. Users can then proceed to edit and share these downloaded pictures with their friends. This application also proves to be valuable for creative individuals such as artists and photographers, as it provides a convenient means of preserving images for inspiration or reference through Threads downloader.

What is Threads Video Downloader?

What is Threads Video Downloader?

Threads video downloader functions in a similar manner to the Threads Image downloader. There is no need for users to undertake any additional steps. Simply copy and paste the link of the desired video into Threads downloader. The site's algorithm may require a short waiting period to ensure the download of videos in the highest possible quality. This delay is normal when downloading videos in HD quality. After the waiting period, you can save the video to your device without any loss of image quality, preserving its originality. It is advisable to verify whether the downloaded videos are suitable for sharing, respecting the rights of the video owners. The algorithm has undergone significant improvements to enable the downloading of video sounds in the highest quality. Since Threads does not currently support 4K videos, this feature is also unavailable on the site. However, as Threads introduces this capability in the future, the algorithm will be updated accordingly. Threads downloader has been developed to facilitate inspiration and video editing with the downloaded content.

What is Threads profile picture downloader?

What is Threads profile picture downloader?

With this function, you can effortlessly download any profile picture from the Threads app. Due to their small arrangement in Threads, users may desire a closer view of their profile pictures. To achieve this, simply copy the username of the desired user and paste it into our application. The Threads profile picture downloader will then enlarge the picture to its original size. Once this simplified process is complete, you can proceed to download the enlarged profile picture to your device. If you wish to download multiple profile pictures, create a list of the profiles you want to save, and Threads profile picture downloader will handle the downloading process for you. Simply save the pictures to your device and enjoy. The Threads Profile Image Downloader permits users to download Instagram profile pictures for personal or professional use.

How to download an image or a video from Threads?

Threads downloader is a free a image and video download service with a few simple steps. If you encounter any issues, please report them in the support section located at the bottom of the website. The download process consists of 3 steps:

Step 1. Get the link

Open the Treads app and locate the post containing the image or video you want to download. Tap the share icon beneath the picture or video, and choose the “Copy Link” option from the menu that appears. Once you have copied the link, you are ready to proceed.

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Step 2. Paste the link on

Paste the copied link into the designated field at the top of the website. Now everything is ready for downloading the video or image.


Step 3. Download Threads image

You will see a red download button near the area where you pasted the link. Click on the “Download” button, and the high-quality download process will start. Please note that downloading images in their original size may take some time. Do not close your browser and wait a few seconds for the file to be saved on your device. Videos may take longer to download compared to images. Once the high-quality download is complete, you can locate the downloaded image or video on your device.

Threads App available on Google Play

The Threads app, a text-based application by Instagram, can be downloaded from Google Play. To access the app, you can visit the provided Google Play link. With Threads, you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with a community of individuals who share similar interests. If you already have an Instagram account, you can easily reach out to your followers through the app. It offers a comfortable space for self-expression, where you can share your ideas and gain inspiration from others' thoughts and concepts.

How to download profile picture from Threads?

Copy the user's username to download a profile picture from Threads. site was developed to download profile pictures from Threads. You can use this tool to zoom and download a user's profile picture. You can save profile pictures to your device with the highest quality. By utilising this site, you can find an appropriate profile picture for yourself or download other user's profile picture. It’s important to note that the tool is completely free and imposes no restrictions on the number of downloads you can make.


No, the Threads downloader service is completely free and will remain free forever. You can download your favorite Threads images and videos without any cost.

Yes, the Threads downloader is designed to enable you to download Threads videos in the highest quality available. You can download videos without any loss in quality.

There are multiple format options available for downloading videos. The most commonly used ones include MP4 and AVI, among others. Our website provides various video format choices, allowing you to select the format that suits your needs before initiating the download.

Absolutely, we have implemented comprehensive safety measures for our users. We never retain copies of the videos and images you download from Threads. Additionally, no information regarding Threads Downloader users is stored in our system. Your safety and privacy are a top priority for us.

The copyright of the videos you download on Threads belongs to the video owners. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the videos for commercial purposes. Respect the videos and images of Threads creators and do not distribute them without their permission. Threads Downloader is developed for you to watch offline videos.

The download service is exclusively available for public accounts. You cannot download content from hidden or private Threads accounts.

Threads downloader imposes no limits on the number of videos and pictures you can download. Feel free to download as many videos and images as you desire and enjoy them offline.

Yes, you can download pictures and videos to any device you prefer. There are no restrictions on the type of device you can use for downloading.

Downloaded images and videos are hosted directly on the Threads App. We do not host any videos or images on our website. Threads Downloader serves as a tool for you to enjoy these videos and pictures offline.

Simply click the share button at the bottom of the Threads post to copy the post's link. Then, paste the link into the downloader located at the top of It's as simple as that!